• Benefits

  • ·       There are a couple of fundamental questions that every business leader has to ask before committing to any organization: Why should I join and why should I stay?

    The truth is that some leaders leave before they get the answers to those questions. One thing we’re committed to is making sure you’ve got the information you need to make the decision that’s right for you. So let us make it easy for you!

    Here are Five Powerful Reasons you should join the West Ottawa Board of Trade:

    1. Connect with business leaders who genuinely “get you”. Let’s face it, we don’t need to know everyone, but we need to know the right ones. If you were able to connect with more of the right leaders for your business, what difference would that make?
    2. You know there’s more to know. Whatever our role, whatever our profession, we all know that we need to keep growing. We need educational opportunities, workshops, breakfast seminars, and powerful conversations with like-minded people. Your peers will think to ask questions that you hadn’t considered, they’ll share their experiences and their insights. Together we can do that better and faster. It makes sense doesn’t it?
    3. We’re all looking to see our organizations grow. This is your chance. You can market your business to over 500 other business leaders. Leaders who have also made the decision to join the Board of Trade. What would 500 more prospects do to your business?
    4. You can save money. Listen, we know it’s not all about price, but we also work to make the smartest financial decisions for our businesses. So where we can save money, let’s save money. Imagine paying less for gas, for dental plans, for Sens tickets, for shipping?
    5. If you join the Board of Trade, you’ll make things better. Your involvement will enrich the communities where you do business. As you grow, and the other member companies grow, we stimulate economic growth. This only happens when we do it together. Think of the legacy you’ll be helping to build.

    If even one of these resonates for you, it’s enough for you to get started and join the hundreds of other business leaders who have stood exactly where you’re standing now.

    By now you’ve got a clear sense of who we are and what we can do together. If you’re ready to join this outstanding group of business leaders, we want to talk with you.

    Give us a call at 613-592-8343 or send an email to info@westottawabot.com and we’ll get back to you right away. Of if you’re ready now, you can fill out an application form and we’ll reach out to help get you started.


    Need more reasons to join the West Ottawa Board of Trade?

    Some people need more information than others before they can make their decisions. We respect that, so here are a few more things to consider.


    The Voice of Business

    The Board of Trade is the unified voice of business across West Ottawa. We’ve built a respected set of relationships with government leaders at all levels. At any given event you can expect to see the Mayor and City Councilors, MPPs and the occasional MP sitting down and talking with our members and our staff. They’re ready to listen and we’re speaking clearly and with purpose so your voice is heard.


    Promoting Your Business

    We know how important it is to promote your business. Whenever we ask our business leaders what they’d like more information about, Marketing is always on their mind. So we go beyond providing professional develop and provide valuable, effective tools to help you promote your business.

    You have full access to our Membership Directory to identify the businesses that could genuinely use your help. Our website is visited constantly with thousands and thousands of visitors monthly and you can advertise to the members and other visitors directly. You also have the opportunity to sponsor events and associate your brand with key events that are attended by the business leaders of the community,


    Developing Your Business & Your Employees

    We host an exciting series of events year-round to help you and your team grow and develop. You can attend our monthly Networking Breakfasts with topical, high-profile speakers and our popular Business After Hours social events to get to know other members in a less formal setting. We also hold Member Workshops where the skills and expertise of members are shared with you in detail so you can put them into action right away. Finally, we hold a series of special programs including the Annual Golf Tournament, Annual General Meeting, Business Excellence Awards and Food & Wine Shows. Attend them all or choose the ones that are right for you and your business. We’ll see you there.


    Save Money

    And yes, we will save you money. Look at the range of offers below and you’ll quickly see that we can help you strengthen your business by helping you make better choices for your organization.