• Events With Us


    When the right people come together, incredible things happen. So we focus on creating premier events that draw together business leaders who are driven to transforming their businesses and their communities

    Networking Breakfasts

    Held monthly, Networking Breakfasts do more than provide a meal and a chance to connect. They’re dynamic events designed to bring together thought leaders and experienced business practitioners to share their knowledge and expertise. They challenge the status quo, provide new perspectives, and share freely what they have discovered. (And there’s a great meal and a chance to connect too!)


    Business After Hours

    If you ask anyone about the value of major conferences, almost all of them will eventually tell you that the most powerful conversations happen in the hallways or after hours when people have a chance to really connect with each other. So we created Business After Hours to do exactly that. It’s a relaxing time for members to spend time with one another. Is it social? Yes. But it’s also all business. (And a lot of fun!)


    Member Workshops

    There is so much skill among our members it’s all but staggering. One way we help to pass their expertise to you is through Member Workshops. These are often hands-on, practical events where business leaders share their methodologies, lessons, and experiences with you. At the end, you’re better equipped to apply their knowledge to your business. It’s powerful.

    Maximize Your Membership

    Maximize Your Membership, member orientation with Kassondra Walters, Business Development Director with the West Ottawa Board of Trade. Connect with fellow members, promote your business, learn about opportunities to volunteer and contribute to your community, and learn about free member workshops and how to save and to better understand all of your member benefits!
    If you haven't already created your Member Login Username & Password please do so prior to this meeting. We will review your member access and member profile during our member orientation. 
    Please bring a few business cards to share with your fellow members, otherwise just bring yourself!
    We will have coffee, tea, and light snacks.


    Business Excellence Awards Gala

    We celebrate. You know as well as we do how much effort goes into building a successful business. They’re full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Most people don’t get: We do.

    One of our most important celebrations is the West Ottawa Business Excellence Awards. Building on a long tradition of recognizing the accomplishments of our business community, we hold it to acknowledge our leaders. We acknowledge their effort, their success, their contribution, and their inspiration.


    Marquee Events

    Each year, we also host Marquee Events that bring the community together. Two favourites stand out right away for most.

    Our annual golf tournament takes us on to the course with one another to enjoy a day of friendly competition, rich discussion, prizes, sponsorship, and new relationships.

    The second event that comes to mind is our annual Food & Wine event. Imagine a premiere venue full of masterpieces of top chefs, vintners and craft brewers. Foodies and connoisseurs gather with the business community to experience the best the region has to offer


    It’s Really About You

    If you want to know our secret for great events, it’s you. We’re not being clever or coy when we say this. What we have witnessed—from the hundreds of events we have thrown—is that good events are great people. When you put the right people in the room, events come to life.