This morning 100 business leaders gathered to build relationships, create new opportunities and be inspired by one of Ottawa’s top CEO’s, Rich McBee of Mitel. The room was full of energy and optimism as we heard a story of how an Ottawa based business approaching its 45th anniversary has learned how to ‘win in the turns’ by innovating, accelerating and re-inventing at the right time. And the keys to longevity? Simple. Start Small. Think Big. Turn Fast. And Put Your People in the Driver’s Seat. It was great to learn how Mitel has grown to dominate its markets across the globe but the real beauty of the keynote was how Mitel’s strategies can apply to any business or organization. Rich began his presentation by stating his goal was for each of us to have one or two valuable take-away ideas. There were many! But these are my top;

    1. Planning for change will force you to innovate and allow you to be the first to market.

    2. Focusing on the customer experience will win the day.

    3. Collaboration and working within an ecosystem is the best way to compete.

    And finally, any success story is based in the people. You are looking for experts in their field, team players and passion. Make your top people visible and they will inspire the whole team.

    Today, we attracted a very diverse group of business people to spend some time networking and learning. We created a true sense of community and collaboration. It was a great example of why events are important. Thank you, Rich!


    See the Mitel PowerPoint presentation

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    Mitel is an original in Ottawa’s high-tech industry and is celebrating 45 years as an innovator and master of reinvention. Powering more than 2 billion connections every day, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and take care of their customers. With over 2,500 channel partners and regional headquarters around the globe, they have a global reach, but also a local touch. Today, Mitel is a $1.3 billion global powerhouse and industry leader on a journey to be the world's top provider of unified communications and collaboration solutions.


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