• Diane J. Brisebois (left) Sueling Ching (right)Diane J. Brisebois (President & CEO Retail Council of Canada; Sueling Ching (CEO)

    Retail Council of Canada

    Diane J. Brisebois

    Diane expertly shared a presentation outlining lessons from the retail industry that benefit all businesses today. The key take-away for me was . . . if it’s trending – try it! The differentiator between those winning and those “not winning” is the willingness to embrace change, follow trends and integrate technology. There is no question the pace and scope of change is tremendous, however so are the opportunities. Retail is not dead, it’s changing, as it always has. In fact, contrary to popular news stories, “in store sales” still represents over 90% of total retail sales. The question is, what retails spaces will be successful?

    It will be those creating experiences, leveraging social media and offering personalized customer service. Watch for ‘voice activated shopping’, ‘high automation in service’ and ‘technology as an experience’. And although millennials are driving a lot of the change in consumer behaviour, all demographics are getting on board. According to Diane, “most baby boomers are wannabe millennials.” ...continue reading

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