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  • Sueling Ching
    Executive Director
    P: 613-592-8343 Ext. 223
    F: 613-592-1157
    Email: sueling@westottawabot.com

    If your life's work is to transform communities, businesses and people, where better to lead than at the West Ottawa Board of Trade.

    Sueling has led the Brockville and District Chamber of Commerce, the YMCA of Brockville and Area, and founded her own organization "Live Now". Her passion for innovation, growth, communication, and people have served those communities and organizations well. 

    Possibilities surround us all the time. Sueling is known for recognizing opportunities that others have not fully acknowledged and then bringing those possibilities to life by collaborating closely with other leaders. The West Ottawa Board of Trade is an exciting organization to serve because it's drawing its energy and influence from a group of business leaders who share a common desire to continue to grow and build and develop -- together. 

    Her passion for her work is the same passion that she has for her family, for an active and energetic life, and for her closest relationships.