• West Ottawa Board of Trade


    February 24, 2017


    Mayor Watson and Ottawa City Councillors,


    Thank you for giving the West Ottawa Board of Trade the opportunity to present regarding the LRT Stage 2 Implementation Report which was outlined in a public presentation on February 17, 2017.


    Our Board is a strong advocate for the prioritization of infrastructure and transportation in the west end to accommodate the anticipated rapid growth in both business and residential relocation fuelled by the move of DND and the high demand for talent, particularly in the technology park.


    The LRT project is a key component of our city’s ability to ensure sustainable growth and optimize economic opportunities. We endorse the recommendations proposed in the LRT Stage 2 Implementation Report, in particular;


    • the extension to Moodie and southwest to Algonquin College as it will support the predicted growth of West Ottawa and improve our business community’s ability to attract and retain talent


    • the funding structure based on planning, innovation and partnerships as it allows for the extension of the LRT years ahead of the original plan and remains within the City’s original financial commitment


    We commend the Mayor and members of council for your ongoing dedication to fiscal responsibility while prioritizing economic development initiatives that will spur growth. We respectfully encourage you to expand on the precedent set in this report and aggressively pursue innovative strategies that will result in the extension of the line to Kanata as quickly and responsibly as possible.


    We share the city’s approach to collaboration, leading edge technology and competing on the world stage. Ottawa has many opportunities to attract new business, residents and visitors as the nation’s capital, the country’s largest research and technology hub and a world class destination. Our continued focus on strengthening our infrastructure in a proactive, innovative and financially responsible manner will ensure we realize our full potential.


    Thank you to the Mayor, city council and staff and in particular the city councilors serving the West Ottawa business community for your ongoing support, vision and hard work. We look forward to working with you to build a strong Ottawa community. Together – we will.




    Mark Nisbett, Chair                                                                                        Sueling Ching

    Board of Directors                                                                                          Executive Director

    West Ottawa Board of Trade                                                                        West Ottawa Board of Trade


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